Wyoming Intercity Bus Service Study

University Montana State University
Principal Investigators Jaydeep Chaudhari and David Kack
PI Contact Information Western Transportation Institute
Montana State University
PO Box 174250, Bozeman, MT 59717
• 406-994-7526 • Dkack@montana.edu
Funding Source Wyoming Department of Transportation – $123,694.58
Total Project Cost $123,694.58
Agency ID or Contract Number 66291
Start and End Dates June 1, 2015 – May 31, 2016
Brief Description of Research Project The goal of this project was to provide the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) with a current assessment of intercity bus services within the state, and provide a methodology that can be used by WYDOT to determine if needs are being met and, if not, how much funding is required to insure intercity bus services meet the needs. Additional goals include identifying barriers that hinder intercity bus service, and best practices and actions to improve and increase the use of those services. To achieve these goals, the following project objectives were established:
• Objective 1: Provide WYDOT with a current assessment of intercity bus services and needs in Wyoming;
• Objective 2: Document the connections between intercity bus providers and other public transportation providers (FTA Section 5307, Section 5310 and Section 5311 providers) in Wyoming;
• Objective 3: Define “meaningful connections” in regards to intercity bus services within Wyoming;
• Objective 4: Provide recommendations and best practices that may be implemented to overcome any barriers to the use of intercity services, and to identify opportunities to further improve intercity services in “intercity deficient” areas; and,
• Objective 5: Provide a methodology for WYDOT to use to assess intercity bus services and needs in the future (likely every three to five years).
Describe Implementation of Research Outcomes (or why not implemented)


WYDOT is using the information from the study to talk to communities and transportation providers about implementing some of the services noted in the final report. Information in the study included potential routes and services, and estimated costs.
Impacts/Benefits of Implementation (actual, not anticipated) If the potential services noted in the study are implemented, people in rural communities in Wyoming would have additional connections to larger cities and the national intercity bus network.
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